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Is part time job for government employees allowed?

Is part time job for government employees allowed

Beforehand, people would find it unusual if you are working multiple jobs back-to-back if you already have a stable one. However, times have passed and in today’s world, most specially now at present where the whole world is on its knees due to this pandemic, having a part time job would be acceptable to sustain you and your family’s needs. This article will answer your question “Is part time job for government employees allowed?”.

As a government employee, you are not forbidden from working a second job. But, you can’t “engage in outside employment that conflicts with your official duties”. Generally speaking, if your second job has nothing to do with your government task, then you should be okay.

In doing so, you just have to know your capabilities, limits and look out for any conflicts of interest most particularly if you are a government employee. You should always put in your mind the things you should avoid such as:

• You’re cannot earn money for writing, speaking or teaching about topics that relates to your job.

• Avoid jobs as a fundraiser. You may not have any control over finances in your job, asking people for money may elevate concerns that their donation may result in a bribe from the government.


“Is part time job for government employees allowed?”

To address the concern if  government employees can have a part time job, normally, the answer would be yes. You just have to bear in mind the potential conflict of interest that may arise from the job to avoid any unwanted consequences. You can also check your rights as a government employee.

Email your ethics office
Also, when you have any doubts and second thoughts about the part time job you’re about to accept, it would be best if you consult first with your ethics office so everything will turn out just fine.



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