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How to Pass the Civil Service Exam

How to pass the civil service exam

Like any other time–pressured exam, civil service exam can also give you the jitters. It can get to your nerves not only during the exam but even while you’re preparing for it until you wait for the results. It is important to muster up your courage and build up the confidence you need for you to overcome your anxiousness.

Below are some tips and preparations that might help on how to pass the Civil Service Exam.

Before the Exam.

a. Take an analytical exam.
You have to spend more time improving on your weakest areas when reviewing for the civil service exam. In order to do this, through taking a diagnostic exam is an accurate way to find the areas where you struggle.

Start by testing your stock knowledge by answering stimulated exams and you may take note of which areas where you scored poorly. This way, you can focus your review time to these subjects and maximize the limited time you have for review.

b. Create a realistic review plan–and stick with it.
As long as you focus and do not procrastinate or let the distraction get in the way, an hour or two of daily review should be sufficient enough.

“Spaced repetitions” is what experts called this as opposed to cramming sessions during which you squeeze as much information as you can to your mind in a day only to forget most of them when the examination time comes.

c. Focus improvement with Pomodoro technique
Pomodoro technique principle is quite simple: You have to set your timer for 25 minutes and utilize this time to give whatever you’re reviewing with your undivided and full attention. 5 minutes of break follows afterward.

One Pomodoro is equivalent to 25 minutes of work plus a 5-minute break. Once 4 Pomodoros are completed, you can take a longer break (20-30 minutes) before starting a new round. With this cycle of regular breaks, this allows your brain to assimilate all the new information, give you chance to blow off some steam, and along the process, make you less vulnerable to distractions.

With the all the temptations of social media and mindless entertainment, it’s quite easy to keep your mind off your review materials, sometimes all it takes is the discipline to keep on track.

Turn off your phone and stay away from social media.

d. Read, don’t memorize.
Instead of memorizing the questions and answers you get from the reviewers, use them to simulate the exam, learn how to properly manage your time and master smart test-taking skills.

e. Feed your mind.
Nourishing your brain, can help you process more information and prevent anxiety from sabotaging your attention and focus.

f. Get enough rest.
Memories are strengthened and reinforced every time we go to sleep. The less sleep you get, the less competent your brain becomes in storing and processing information. Sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours at night before the exam.

g. Practice some tests to sharpen your time management skills.
Answering practice tests can help enhance your time-management and quick-thinking skills which helps us avoid falling into the trap of the “illusion of competence.”

Considering that this is a time-pressured exam, it doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are; if you don’t answer as many questions as you can within the given time, the chances of you passing the exam become slimmer.

During the exam.

a. Arrive on time
b. Relax and breathe
c. Don’t leave any item unanswered
d. Save the most difficult questions for last

One topnotcher from Tuguegarao City mentioned: “The exam entailed being fast in answering the questions at the same time being accurate”.

After the exam.

Waiting for the result is one of the most agonizing feeling in taking the Civil Service Exam. Trust that you will pass the exam. In case you don’t, it’s not the end of the world.

Learn from your mistakes and determine what your weakest areas. Commit more time to the review. Failure is a symbol that you’re either up for something better or it means that you need to improve your preparation efforts.

Hopefully this answers your question, “How to Pass the Civil Service Exam”. Everything will be turn into benefit. Good luck!



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  1. i am High School graduate only, but i have self confidence, and let me try to take “Sub- Professional” This my dream how to passed Civil Service Exam someday.

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