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Benefits of working in the Philippine Government

Benefits of Working in the Philippine Government

When you are thinking on applying to government agencies, probably you’ll ask, “What are the Benefits of working in the Philippine Government”?

In different government agencies, there are multiple positions that may be available where a qualified individual may be appointed. Some can also be a government employee by way of elections. This is true with the positions that are elective such as our congressmen, district representatives, councilors, senators, local chief executives and other local officials.

It is termed as ‘co–terminus’ for the appointive positions with the appointing authority, casual position, permanent or contractual and temporary. Some are also hired on a job order basis or project-based who are working in government offices but are not actually considered as government employees because they don’t have the direct agreement with the entity they are working with.

If not most, all government workers are under the power of CSC – Civil Service Commission. This means that their employment is subject to the rules and regulations of the commission as stated and defined by Philippine Law. Also, most of the job vacancies require to pass the Civil Service Examination.

Being able to work in the government is the dream of most people in the country. Because, why not? Considering the number of financial benefits, you’ll be eligible to the competitive salary packages, bonuses and other benefits one could have, people would really aim to land a position. The next few paragraphs are the advantages of being one.


Benefits of working in the Philippine Government

• Once you become a permanent government employee, you will be enjoying the security of your tenure. This means the you can’t be easily removed from the service without any valid reason. You can stay employed until the age of 65 once you are appointed, unless you choose to retire earlier or resign from service.

• Better salary packages are offered compared to other private institutions. However, this doesn’t mean that private employees receive a smaller amount as there are also some who offers bigger that what an ordinary government employee could get.

• Enjoyment of a two–day off in a week which is not most often being practiced in private companies.

• Entitlement to a 15–day vacation and 15–day sick leave in a year. Government employees have the option not to use these leave credits except for the 5 days mandatory leave that needs to be consumed within the year. Hence, a government employee can save as much as 25 leave credits in a year, which is convertible to cash upon retirement.

• Government employees can join the SSS and GSIS (two of the country’s major retirement plan companies) at the same time. On the other hand, private employees can only become a member of SSS.

• 13th month pay can be received earlier compared to those who are working in private institutions. In fact, other government employees can get half of the bonus as early as May and the other half in November of the year. There is also a recent update that most government employees can now receive 14th month pay.

Final thoughts

Regardless of where we end up working, be it in the government or a private institution, for as long as you enjoy what you do, that is more than enough of a satisfaction. So as long as you know your limits and boundaries, you will continue to grow in your work and working for a long time in that company will be left unnoticed.


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